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Villa DS18 – Marrakech – 9 bedrooms

With its colourful ceramic terraces, its mimosa patio and its beautiful facade covered by climbing plants, Villa DS18 blends into the exotic landscape. Nature makes its way inside. Mischievous orangutans climb the imposing wicker chandeliers that hang from the high ceilings of the living room like modern jungle climbers. A giant giraffe looms above the design dining room. Each room bears the name of the animal that it symbolizes, like a totem. In the “Camel” suite, you feel like a Tuareg lost in the heart of the desert; in the “Giraffe” suite, you’re in the midst of a savannah, under the starry African sky; and in the “Ant” room, flanked by a giant industrial-looking insect, you feel as if in an underground nest. This private property is a unique artistic project: a stunning world made of extravagant works such as “the house of the giants” or the house that has “fallen from the sky”.

With the first light of day, while the air is still fresh, take a stroll in the villa’s fantastic garden, stopping in the shade of an olive tree to meditate or picking some mint leaves to brew. As in the story of a thousand and one nights, dine by candlelight under the authentic Caidal tent. On the long banquet table lit by a mirror ball, a parade of traditional Moroccan dishes is displayed, made with products from the garden, with the original touch of the private chef.

– Sleeps 18 guests in 9 bedrooms (all with en-suite bathrooms)
– Outdoor swimming pool
– Fully equipped kitchen
– Patio with al fresco dining & lounge areas
– Roof terrace
– Garden
– Home theatre
– TV room
– Fitness room
– Steam room
– Massage room
– Tennis court
Bocce ball court

– Wi-fi
– Air conditioning

Services included:
– Chef (daily breakfast included)
– Daily housekeeping
– Concierge service


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